Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and I knew my kiddos needed something fun to wear to celebrate. I found puppy dog fabric that I thought would be cute for both of the kids even though it's not completely my style. Sister insisted on a long skirt and Brother still is young enough that he doesn't care what I make for him.

Before I showcase this year's outfits, I want to do a little throwback moment to Sister's first Valentine's Day. It was one of the first items I sewed after getting a sewing machine. I learned how to sew in elementary school in the 4-H program, and a cousin helped me sew a quilt in college, but this is one of my first projects that helped jumpstart my current sewing passion. This was in 2012:

On to this year's outfits!

I purchased the dog print fabric from JoAnn's. Over the past 2+ years I have been introduced to the world of designer fabric (Art Gallery, Riley Blake, etc...) and whenever I buy cheaper fabric, I usually regret it. This was true this time. The quality isn't nearly as soft and even with Color Catchers, the dogs have a pink tint to them. Other than that, the fabric was adorable and worked fine for today.

The solid fabric, however, is Riley Blake Solid Basics and is simply FANTASTIC! I love working with the Riley Blake solid prints because they feel great and the look great over multiple wears and washings!

For Sister, I mashed up two Pink Fig patterns. This year one of my goal's is to think outside the box a little on fabric pairings, and Pink Fig is the perfect designer to encourage that! For her skirt, I used the waistband from Sugar and Spice Skirt. I loved how I could use fabric scraps from other Valentine's Day prints to add a little fun. I then used the skirt and sash from the Mimi's Maxi Skirt. I simply love how it turned out!

There were a few modifications that I made. One modification is that I shifted the panel over so it started at her side and then went to about center front instead of having it perfectly centered. We then tied the sash to the side over the black panel to add a little pop of color!

Also, I had the sash come around from more in the back than the side seams. Just for fun.

Okay, now get a load of these bows. I mean, seriously, aren't they darling?!?! The very talented owner of Little Bow Pat made these based on a picture of my fabric. Her work and attention to detail is amazing! Oh, and she is simply charming to work with. If you don't currently have a favorite shop to get hairbows, head on over to her Facebook page and let her know I sent you!

My sweet little Valentine is rocking yet another Oliver + S Art Museum Vest. This is my fourth time making a vest  (3 for him and one as a gift) and I am simply in love with the fit and style of this vest! This time around I left off the welt pockets for a change of pace, but that was the only modification.

I also made him a little tie using the Boy's Tie pattern from Fuddie Duddies. It's darling and is super quick to sew together! Thankfully it was able to be cut on the grain, because I was squeezing every last bit of my solid black fabric to get it made. Not joking.

And here is one quick snapshot of our family. I am so thankful for our little family and the fun and love that we have not just on Valentine's Day, but everyday.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Doll Diaper Bag (Stash Sewing)

Confession time: I love sewing doll items. After mastering the ruffle bum onesie for my daughter, my next sewing project had been a doll dress. That is how I re-taught myself to sew. Dolls aren't picky about what their outfit looks like, if you completely mess up, and not that much fabric is wasted. But I digress.....

Two Christmas's ago, I made a Very Hungry Caterpillar diaper bag set for my daughter for Christmas using this pattern by Petite Nola Boutique. It is simply darling and wonderful! She took this with her everywhere and it was a part of almost every game she played for 2 years.

Last year, I made another one just for fun and was planning on selling it......Sister found it and claimed it as her own. This one uses a now out of print fabric that I purchased from Whimsical Fabric for my daughter's 4th birthday outfit. Since this was my second one, I made a few modifications on the diaper bag (mainly just off centered the inner pocket seam so there was one bigger pocket and one smaller pocket). I also only used fusible fleece on the outer layers of the diaper bag and left the lining fabric fleece-free to reduce bulk.

I traced part of the scene onto white fabric and did hand embroidery for the front pocket on the diaper bag. I just love how the large pocket is perfect for fun details such as this.

Oh, did I mention this is a super quick project to sew?!?! Not kidding, it goes so quickly. This week I made a diaper bag set for an upcoming birthday party. I pulled out all the stops and even made a bib. Turning the bib was a beast because of those little straps, but that was my only issue overall.

Just to get an idea of how much fits in this bag, here is an inside shot:

I put the changing pad in the front pocket, then the diapers in the main pocket. The wipes case and bib go in the inner pockets. There is still plenty of room for other baby doll necessities.

Two years ago I made the birthday girl's birthday dress and happened to still have some left over. As a sweet surprise, I made a diaper out of some of the leftover fabric I had on hand.

I had originally only planned on two diapers, but Sister came over and informed me that doll diaper bags are much better with 3 diapers AND that every little girl simply NEEDS a button diaper. She is so sweet and thoughtful about dolls.

Finally, I made one last partial set for a friend just because I thought it would be a fun surprise for her daughter. This time I mainly used prints from Whimsical Fabric that I simply adore. The Color Me fabric has quickly become a favorite print in our home and I am frequently finding fun uses for it! The diaper prints were also from Whimsical Fabric but are now out of print.

Overall I simply love this pattern and it is quickly becoming my go to pattern. After my first time making it, I started to modify the steps to my personal preference which speeds up the process.

The pattern pieces are hand drawn or measurements (for the diaper bag, changing pad, and wipes case), but all are spot on and a great fit!

If you have any doll loving little ones in your life, be sure to head over toPetite Nola Boutique and pick up your own copy of the doll diaper bag and accessories pattern.