Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of Preschool

So when I went to bed last night I had glamorous ideas about what our first day of preschool would look like. That they would help me create a fun back drop including Sister writing her name and drawing a picture of herself, several super adorable pictures to showcase their matching outfits, and a fun filled morning of activities in their new classroom that I finished decorating last night.

Yup, that didn't happen:

Our day didn't go as planned, but after a phone call to my mom to get reassurances that I am doing okay, both kids taking a nice long nap, and a nice cold can of Vanilla Pepsi, I am ready to show off these outfits!

All of their fabric is from Whimsical Fabric and the quality and feel of it is simply amazing! The knit holds up very well with toddler every day play and all of the fabric looks great even after going through the washer and dryer at least once a week.

Sister is wearing a dress that I made during the Izzy & Ivy Tallulah sew along. Although it is still 100+ degrees most days, it will be cooling down so I sized up slightly and did the long sleeves so it will fit through the fall and winter.

During the sew-along, directions and measurements were given to modify the tie to a side tie, and it just adds a little extra fun to this dress! Plus, Sister loves it because she can lean back in a chair or in her car seat and not have the knot irritating her back.

The leggings sticking out from under her dress were made using the Ruffle Capris Pattern found in the Sweet Polly Playclothes paper pattern. This pattern is great and is quickly becoming a staple pattern in our home. The ruffle capris are adorable! I did size down slightly on them because they are a little looser of a style than I wanted for under dresses. However, they are still loose enough to be worn with just a t-shirt. I have made quite a few of the options in this pattern book and love how quickly they go together!

The headband was made using the My Childhood Treasures Retro Headbands pattern. This is my second time using the pattern. The directions are very clear and easy, but I have had a hard time finding just the right fit. The end result is adorable though!

Now onto Brother's outfit!

I used the new Oliver + S Parachute Polo pattern. I loved how quickly it all went together and the end result is so adorable and professional. The pattern includes pattern pieces for a boy shirt or a girl shirt and both have short sleeve options. There is also a sweat pants option included in the pattern, but I haven't made those yet.

Want to know one of my favorite features of Oliver + S patterns? They have an option to take the pattern to a copy center ( I use Staples) and have all the pieces print out on one large sheet! That's right, no printing or taping! I love that feature. It costs a little extra, but to me it is well worth the time saved and I feel like they are so much easier to trace the size I need.

Oh and look at these details:

For Brother's shorts, I used E+M Pants No. 2. This is my third time making something using this pattern and I just love them! There are shorts and pants options, 3 back pocket options, and it can be used for boys or girls! Yeah!

Originally, the the grey fabric for these shorts were cut out in March to make shorts for Brother to match Sister's birthday dress, but life happened. So, I pulled them out and grabbed the fabric I was going to use to add detail to the pockets. It was adorable red and white mushroom fabric from Riley Blake Little Red Riding Hood line that is now out of print. I had saved a scrap that was the exact size to fit the two pattern pieces. Well, sometime between March and August, I cut a 2" circle out of one side. So, no cute mushroom fabric. However, I still had some fabric left from Sister's Tallulah dress and the dots just seemed too fun to not use.

I love the look of the flat front waistband on clothing. Thankfully, this does have an elastic back and I use button hole elastic, so these cuties will last quite a while. I chose to leave off the back pockets this time around, but the pocket options are darling.

Brother wasn't quite so cooperative with the picture taking process, but I did get a cute one of him after a major meltdown. You can even still see a tear under one eye.

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