Thursday, August 13, 2015

Introducing: ME!

It seems only fitting that the first blog post introduces who I am and what I have planned for this blog. And what better way to do it than through a sewing project?

So here goes:

My name is Jona and even though I turn 30 in a little over two weeks, I am still a complete kid at heart! I love bright colors. While blue is my favorite color, I really love anything that is colorful and bright and happy. I am married to my friend from childhood and our he is still my best friend. He is also a kid at heart and it makes life with two (actual) kids that much more of an adventure. We love to go to the zoo, Knott's Berry Farm, hiking, camping, and our all time favorite tradition is family pizza movie night where we throw a blanket down on the living room floor and watch a movie while munching on pizza. I really felt like this new Curiosities fabric exemplified my love for childhood with the bright colors but let's me look like a grown up with the subtle background.

I am very excited that I am able to stay at home with our kids until our youngest is in first grade. He is currently two, so I have a few more years at home with our daughter, Sister, and our son, Brother. I love being on the floor playing with them and even more than playing, I love doing art projects with them (hence, the spills)! I used the Tie Dye Diva Chocolate Chip Skirt because it is long enough for hanging out with toddlers.

There is a lined option, so no dealing with slips during our busy days. For the lining, I used Imperial Broadcloth to line the skirt and oh is it comfy! I know this skirt will be perfect for teaching preschool on Sunday's at church, hanging out at home with my kids, and going out on date nights with my husband!

This skirt also has a pocket option. Here is a little known fact about me, I don't go anywhere without Chapstick. Anywhere. The Chapstick I use isn't anything fancy or amazing, just the Chapstick brand with the blue wrapper.

One last tidbit you should know about me. When it comes to sewing and art projects, I leap before I look. All the time. I love a challenge and I love pushing what I know and trying new skills! I feel like that is what keeps sewing and art fun. For this skirt, I challenged myself to learn how to do a blind hem. Thanks to Pinterest and YouTube, I looked at at least 15 tutorials on how to sew a blind hem, grabbed a scrap of fabric and started practicing. It's far from perfect, but I have done it and I know that it will get better with time.

So, that's a snapshot into my life through a skirt! I look forward to sharing with you more sewing projects and our art activities!

And one last picture. Sister (4 years old) took this picture and asked em to make a silly face after she was done taking my serious pictures. Of course, this is also the only modeled picture that turned out very good.

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