Friday, October 23, 2015

Brooklyn Boho Pattern Review (Stash Sewing)

These past few weeks have been quite busy with several fun sewing projects including sewing two versions of the Brooklyn's Boho Dress by Izzy and Ivy.

Every once in a while I sign up to test a pattern. It changes up my sewing routine and pushes me to meet a deadline. The teacher in me also enjoys the proof reading and pre-reading the directions and fabric requirements. There is a chance that the finished project may be the wrong size or not be very wearable, but I have yet to have that issue.

So, let's start with the actual pattern test version. I was assigned a size 3 dress length. Even as a test version, the steps were fantastic and this dress was super quick to sew! It was spot on for her chest measurements. The length was a little short, but I expected that since I was doing a straight size 3 and not modifying for a size 3 width and size 5 length.

This dress also totally passed the preschooler twirl test! I also love the options available for the length, there is a top, dress, and maxi length. Another great thing about this pattern is that it is all rectangle measurements so no printing or taping pattern pieces! The designer also made this dress very fabric friendly so it isn't a fabric hog.

Oh and these details! Look at these darling shoulder ties! They are simple, sweet, and remain tied ALL DAY!!! This would also be a perfect dress with a long sleeve shirt layered underneath for the cool weather that may never come to our California home.....

On to the 2nd dress! My sister recently came home from doing medical missions work in Pakistan for the past 8 months. My sister loves all things patriotic and her welcome home wouldn't be complete without it! So, very last minute, I put together an outfit for each kid. Brother's outfit was done in an evening. Sister's outfit was started Monday morning and I would work on it a little at a time throughout the day as I had a spare moment and had it finished that evening. Yeah for quick sewing projects!

This time I did a size 3 width and a size 5 maxi length. Again I used fabric from my stash and this time it was some adorable glittery fabric. Enjoy the pictures:

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